Gabriela (girlofavalon) wrote,

Masterlist: Drabbles and Ficlets

Never Let Go | Harry/Pansy | Rating: R
She wants nothing more than never let him go. | Words: 198

The Stranger in Leather | Harry/Draco | Rating: NC-17
Draco is dragged to a corner of a nightclub by a sexy leather-clothed man. | Words: 506

Confronting Malfoy | Harry/Draco | Rating: PG-13
Malfoy is being a prat. Harry won't stand it anymore. | Words: 219

Vanilla Ice-Cream | Harry/Draco | Rating: PG
Harry and Draco enjoy their holiday together. | Words: 100

Secret Gentleness | Bellatrix/Narcissa | Rating: NC-17
She knows exactly how to take me to heaven. | Words: 842

Better than any feast | Albus/Scorpius | Rating: R (hard)
It's Halloween in Hogwarts, but Albus and Scorpius have their own way to celebrate it. | Words: 258

Feeling safer | Albus/Scorpius | Rating: PG
There's safety in Albus's arms. | Words: 148
Sequel to Better than any feast. Can be read as a stand alone.

A few more tries | Harry/Scorpius | Rating: NC-17
Scorpius has a whole lot to live up to. Harry is willing to try. | Words: 299

Unbearable | Scorpius; Harry/Draco | Rating: R
Scorpius longs for something only his father can have. | Words: 220

In my arms | Harry/Draco | Rating: PG
An Auror investigation, a unknown spell and unexpected results. | Words: 933

Young Love | Albus/Scorpius | Rating: PG-13
Under the mistletoe. | Words: 100

Back Home | Pansy Parkinson | Rating: PG
Pansy isn't sure about what awaits her in her returning from a long trip. | Words: 738

Madam | Bellatrix/Harry | Rating: NC-17
Harry gives up all power to her. | Words: 721

On Quidditch | Albus/Scorpius | Rating: PG-13
Slytherin and Gryffindor houses are mortal enemies. Or are they? | Words: 295

A Matter of Misunderstanding | Albus/Scorpius | Rating: G
A misunderstanding can be a really serious matter. | Words: 200

Pretty slut boy | Albus/Scorpius | Rating: NC-17
Albus should've known better than taking a bet with a Malfoy. | Words: 297

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