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Drabble/Ficlet: A few more tries - Harry/Scorpius

Title: A few more tries
Beta: mystressxoxo
Pairing: Harry/Scorpius, implied Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: age disparity 42/17, smut, bondage, fingering, rimming, implied infidelity
Word Count: 299
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by J.K. Rowling, various publishers, including but not limited to Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. and Scholastic Inc., and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. This story is a work of fiction. Names, places and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.
Summary: Scorpius has a whole lot to live up to. Harry is willing to try.
A/N: Written for hp_nextgen_fest Halloween Drabble Treat, using the prompt Ice. I hope everyone is having a good Halloween!

Scorpius’s back arched up, and he pulled slightly at the ropes that held him firmly down on the desk, surprised at the feel of something wet and cold being slid down his spine.

“I am sorry,” he said promptly when the other man stopped. “I am sorry. Please don’t stop,” he almost whimpered, and was rewarded with a growl and the ice cube resuming its journey from his neck to the small of his back.

“Good boy,” the other man said softly, angling his index finger inside Scorpius. “Really good boy.”

Scorpius moaned with desire, pushing back on the finger. He hissed when a drop of melted ice met his pucker around the man’s finger, and then he felt the man kneeling behind him. The chilly sensation was broken by a hot tongue licking at his entrance.

“Yesss…” Scorpius thrust back on the man’s face, hearing a soft chuckle before the man removed his finger and proceeded to lick and suck and tongue-fuck him.

That felt so good, so intimate!

The other man reached between Scorpius’s legs and wrapped a hand around his painfully hard prick.

“You know you can come, Scorp,” the man breathed against his arse.

Scorpius shook his head, trying to hold back a little longer, but it was all too much, and just a few seconds later he was coming hard, emptying himself on the man’s hand.

“Harry,” Scorpius panted when his lover got to his feet and bent down over Scorpius back, an arm wrapping around Scorpius’s torso.

“Yes, love,” Harry purred as he nuzzled Scorpius’s cheek gently.

“Am I b-better?” Scorpius stuttered. “Than my father, I mean. Am I better than him?”

Harry remained quiet for a few seconds before replying, “I guess I’ll need a few more tries to figure it out.”

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Tags: community - hp_nextgen_fest: halloween, fic - beta: mystressxoxo, fic - length: drabble/ficlet, fic - rating: nc17, fic - type: slash, fic: hp - character: harry, fic: hp - character: scorpius, fic: hp - group: next gen, fic: hp - pairing: harry/scorpius, year: 2009

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