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About Republicans vs. Democrats

I've been meaning to post this follow up to this reposted entry about Mitt Romney since after reading a rather thought-provoking entry from another friend on my f-list. Unfortunaly, it's not possible to link back to the entry in question, but my friend has kindly let me share some of what he posted.

In a nutshell, the entry talks about the inner workings of the USA two party system. How there's no real difference between Republicans and Democrats as they are defined by today's political system. To quote the entry:

Both sides are heavily funded by the exact same corporations, and the only determining factor as to who really makes it into office is the state of the economy. If it gets better, the incumbant party keeps its spot. If it dives, the opposition makes it in. Both sides are running the exact same fascist / socialist agenda, working at the illusion of opposite extremes in such a manner as to distract the public while the rights of the people are systematically eliminated, one-by-one.

Please, bear this in mind this one thing: what I said about not wanting Romney in the White House still stands. I DON'T want an animal abuser ruling a country. However, I don't buy into the idea that Obama is the perfect president his supporters make him out to be. I haven't seen half of his promises fulfilled in his first term, and I don't think this is likely to change in the next one.

Of course, Obama said recently that he thinks same sex couples should be allowed to marry... a "realisation" that took him FOUR YEARS, clicked in right in time for his re-election campaign, and was still put out there as an opinion.

A human being's RIGHTS shouldn't be a matter of opinion.

That being said, all I ask is that you vote with your conscience and free from illusions.

To end this entry, I'll share with you this article written by Naomi Wolf.

ETA: I just remembered this blog post from sparkindarkness regarding Obama's declaration about marriage equality. That's some food for thought.

ETA 2: Since this came up in the comments, I feel I should clarify a few points:
1) I didn't mean to offend the Obama supporters, be it here in my f-list or elsewhere;
2) I don't mean to imply that Obama declared his support to equal marriage for votes, but let's face that the timing and wording were pretty awkward.
3) I don't mean to imply that Obama should be the only one to be held accountable for his not fulfilling his promises. I know that it sounds too insubstantial to say "the system", but that's what shound be held accountable: the system. One in which corporations roll the dice.

ETA 3: I want to make it clear that this is by no means an anti-Obama or anti-Democrat post, nor is it a pro-Romney one. *shudders* Romney in the White House would be no short of a disaster, and I'm well aware of that. This is an anti-illusion post.

ETA 4: This gives more food for thought.

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